The Urge for Comprehensive Cyber Security Strategies in the Western Balkan

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Vesna Poposka


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 34 (2015)


awareness, cyber security, law, policy, strategy, Western Balkan


The following policy brief aims to allocate the grassroots of cyber security awareness for Western Balkan states, through the legal and policy frameworks in each of the states in the region. The topic is considered as one of the utmost priorities of the region due to the (geo) political, economic and security reasons. The legal and policy framework came out to be unclear, and the screening process was necessary to be conducted for this analysis, due to the fact that comprehensive information are lacking, or at least are not publicly available. First step to come out from this cluttered situation is the preparation of national cyber security strategies and the regional cooperation in that process.