Call for Papers: IT Governance and Management: National and International Best Practice

The special issue resulting from this Call for Papers was published as volume 38 of I&S in December 2017.

Editor: Dr. Velizar Shalamanov, "IT for Security" Department, Institute of Information and Communication Technologies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

  • Deadline for submission of full text papers: 10 November 2017
  • Anticipated publication: December 2017

Modern society and various organizations are highly dependent on IT. At the same time, rapid changes in technology, vulnerabilities of cyber domain for attacks, interoperability, increased cost of the IT systems, critical shortage of specialists and many other factors call for improved governance and management of IT. In response, the collection, analysis and managed use of good practices form the approach of many organizations, nations, and international organizations. At the Lisbon Summit of 2010 heads of states and governments of NATO nations decided to consolidate all IT organizations in NATO in one service-based and customer-funded agency, capable to support as shared IT service center not only common funded NATO structures, but any other eligible customers – national or multinational. This transformation effort challenged all 28 nations and agency team to work together in identifying the best governance and management practices for increased effectiveness and efficiency in IT support with visible savings in comparison with the situation in 2010.

Further improvement of IT governance and management on national and international level will depend on our ability to identify, learn and implement lessons, and to turn them into an actinable set of best practices.

This call for papers includes, but is not limited to the topics below, with the aim to contribute to the improvement of IT governance/management and cyber resilience, especially in the security sector, but also in other public organizations. Experience of NATO Communications and Information Organization is of special interest as it is based on intensive and constructive consultations among 28+ nations and many organizations in the development of a very complex IT organization – the NATO Communications and Information Agency.

Understanding the need for results that are truly actionable and applicable, the I&S Editorial Board announces this call with the aim to take a snapshot of current status of good practices with related practical examples coming from national or international environment. We welcome original contributions that cover:

  • Institutionalization of IT Governance and Management
  • Stakeholder management for complex IT organization
  • Role of Chief Customer Officer in IT organization
  • Strategy development for complex IT organization
  • Internal audit missions for effective change management
  • Risk management in complex IT organization
  • Dash board as a Governance Mechanism
  • Architectural approach in IT management
  • Customer funding models for IT organizations
  • Innovation management in IT organization
  • Outsourcing and acquisition in large IT organization
  • Costed Service Catalogue Management and SLA development
  • Governance and management of IT Capability development
  • Personnel management in complex IT organizations

Early submissions are welcome. After acceptance, each paper is assigned a DOI and published online as open access.

Interested authors may submit their papers to the I&S Managing Editor in electronic form, following these instructions and using the template available below. For inquiries, proposals and submissions of book reviews, description of Web sites and related initiatives please address the I&S Managing Editor.

Important note: It is understood that submitted articles have not been published and are not currently under review for publication elsewhere. Authors must transfer copyright in writing to the publisher when an article is accepted for publication. Please check also the publisher’s copyright policy.