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Berizzi, Fabrizio, R Soleti, A. Capria, and Dalle E. Mese. HF-OTH Skywave Radar for Missile Detection In Sensors and Technology for Defence Against Terrorism. Mannheim, Germany, 2008.
Berizzi, F., R Soleti, A. Capria, A. Monorchio, and Dalle E. Mese. HF Radar Sensors for Theatre Surveillance In IV Simposio sulle Tecnologie Avanzate. Roma, Italy, 2007.
Berizzi, Fabrizio, R Soleti, Dalle E. Mese, and A. Capria. A Method for Peak Power Evaluation for HF-OTH Skywave Radar In 2006 International Radar Symposium . Kracòw (Poland), 2006.