Algebraic Approach in Cyber Security

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


DIGILIENCE 2019, Sofia, Bulgaria (2019)


<p>The algebraic approach in cyber-security implies the usage of a symbolic model and applying formal methods that realize symbolic execution, proving the properties and verification of safety and security issues. It uses the behaviour algebra that is applied for the formalization of analysed object and translation of an object given as binary code or hardware specifications to behavioural algebra specifications. It provides also detection of vulnerabilities or possible hardware failures by static analysis or conducting symbolic modelling and using algebraic matching. The given technique was applied for the detection of vulnerabilities in binary code given as a set of Intel x86 instructions. It was implemented in the scope of GARUDA.AI modelling platform and algebraic modelling system on the set of known vulnerabilities from the CVE database and the known hardware failures.</p><p>This paper is included in the program of <a href="">DIGILIENCE 2019</a> and will be published in the post-conference volume.</p>