Procon's flagship publication is the open access, English language journal Information & Security: An International Journal (ISSN 0861-5160, e-ISSN 1314-2119). The Journal Editorial Board includes 23 scientists and practitioners from nine countries. In the menu on the right you can find information on the journal policy, published volumes, active calls for papers, and previews of papers, accepted for pblication. 

Procon launched the series of open access data journals The first journal in the series -- Biomedical Data Journal (ISSN 2367-5322, e-ISSN 2367-6477) -- is published since January 2015. Its Editorial Board includes 20 distinguished scholars from 11 countries.

Procon is publishing a number of books in Bulgarian in its series "Towards the Information Society." Jointly with our partners, we translate and publish studies on selected technological and security issues, in English, Russian, and Bulgarian.

Jointly with The Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF) Procon publishes the following series:

as well as other DCAF studies. Usually, the original is in the English language. A number of these publication have been published also in Arabic, Armenian, Bahasa, Croatian, Dari, French, Georgian, Moldovan, Russian, Serbian, Spanish and Ukrainian.

Procon serves as executive publisher for the following publications of the Partnership for Peace Consortium of Defence Academies and Security Studies Institutes:

We cooperate with the "IT for Security" Department of the Institute of ICT in the publication of the peer-reviewed series:

Procon created and maintains knowledge portals on: