Applying the System Approach to the Study of Critical Infrastructure

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 22, p.138-150 (2007)


Maritime critical infrastructure, maritime critical infrastructure protection, maritime sector transformation, Maritime Security


Nowadays, in conditions of transformation in the maritime sector of the country, associated with changes of possession forms, establishment of new eco­nomic rules and overcoming the difficulties encountered in any period of changes, new types of relations for coordination of activities in the maritime domain are de­termined. They are established using a new type of civil-military cooperation in protection of the sea interests of the state, as well as in guaranteeing maritime secu­rity. The maritime critical infrastructure protection system is an instrument for adapting these relations to neutralization of modern threats, as well as for mini­mizing the damage effects during crises. This article proposes a register of the Bul­garian maritime critical infrastructure, which is elaborated taking into consideration principles from the modern civil security concept and the experience of leading na­tions in the area of maritime security.