Cyber Defence after Lisbon and the Implications of NATO’s New Strategic Concept

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Judit Láng


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 26, Issue 1, p.7-11 (2011)


CDMA, Cyber defence, NATO Cyber Defence Management Authority, NATO-EU Cooperation, NCIRC


Information technology is crucial to run our governments, economies and armed forces, but in turn creates vulnerability due to increased interconnectedness. The paper offers a framework to study the issue from a political and Alliance perspective. It first considers the importance of cyber defence; second, it provides a snapshot of where NATO stands now as an Alliance in meeting the challenge; and third, it takes a look into the future. The author calls for stronger cooperation between NATO and the EU and concludes that all allies—big and small—can bring added value in the high-tech security competition in cyber space and thus contribute effective to making NATO more secure.