Implementation of the “KINEROS” Model for Estimation of the Flood Prone Territories in the Malki Iskar River Basin

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 24, p.76-88 (2009)


flood hazard modeling., GIS, KINEROS, RS


This article presents main results from the implementation of the KINEROS model to the Malki Iskar river basin above the town of Etropole. KINEROS is a mathematical model based on fundamental physical laws aimed at simulating the spatial distribution of water balance elements for a given meteoro­logical event. A detailed study of the set of physical geographical flood risk factors (relief, climate, waters, soils, LC/LU) has been performed. The analysis has been carried out on the basis of specific methods for estimation of the role of each factor. The results show the importance and practicality of implementation of the GIS, RS and flood risk modeling in generally unpredictable dangerous situations, which are typical for small mountain catchments. The application of the KINEROS model for simulation of events depending on the changes in the landscape conditions may in­crease significantly the effect of flood risk management in mountainous munici­palities.