Implementation of Results-Oriented Defense Resource Management in the Bulgarian MoD – Problems and Way Ahead

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 23, Issue 1, p.175-187 (2009)


balanced scorecard, Defense resource management, force management system, performance indicators.


The practical implementation of results-based resource management re­quires realistic and clear strategies at both national and international level, correct prioritization of tasks (projects), optimal use of resources, and also development of a sense of purpose and transparency. There is also a necessity of permanent adapta­tion and skills for change management. The improvement of the efficiency of De­fense Resource Management in the Bulgarian MoD requires some additional changes and developments, such as: (1) Complete implementation of an effective Force Management System, which will set the identification and development of the required operational capabilities (ROCs) of the Bulgarian Armed Forces, and its synchronization with the other two sub-systems – the Integrated Defense Resource Management System (IDRMS) and the Acquisition System; (2) A need for more complete and realistic vision in the Defense Programming Guidance (DPG); (3) Enhancing the role and contribution of senior leadership; (4) Introduction of an integrated MoD; (5) Adequate financial projections; (6) Preparation of suitable risk analyses; (7) Use of the Balanced Scorecard (BSc) methodology; (8) The IDRMS information and technology environment should be improved by development and support of the Defense Resource Management Model database and application of the results for modeling and systematic analysis of the programs.