Innovation for Crisis Management: DRIVER+ and the Crisis Management Innovation Network Europe

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


DIGILIENCE 2019, Sofia, Bulgaria (2019)


crisis management, disasters, DRIVER+, innovation, methodology, resilience, trial, Wildfire


Launched in May 2014, the DRIVER+ (Driving Innovation in Crisis Management for European Resilience) project aims to cope with current and future challenges, due to increasingly severe consequences of natural disasters and terrorist threats, by the development and uptake of innovative solutions that are addressing the operational needs of practitioners dealing with Crisis Management. In a series of for trials, DRIVER+ demonstrated the benefits and enhanced the Trial Guidance Methodology (TGM), the Portfolio of Solutions (POS), and contributed to the shared understanding in Crisis Management across Europe, through the enhancement of the cooperation framework.

   The Crisis Management Innovation Network Europe (CMINE) plays an important role for the latter and contributes to the uptake of project results. We will present CMINE and its task groups with a focus on the group dealing with wildfires.

This paper is included in the program of DIGILIENCE 2019 and will be published in the post-conference volume.