Integrated Framework and Methodology for Capability Priority Decisions

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 25, p.78-98 (2010)


capability prioritization, force development view, functional capability, Integrated capability framework, operational view, primitive capability


As the defense paradigm of advanced countries evolves from platform- to network-centric warfare and the development of respective capabilities, Korean Air Force is making efforts to convert its structure into a capabilities-oriented force able to deal with diverse security threats across a spectrum of operations with vary­ing intensity. However, currently available capacity to integrate requisite concepts and set priorities in capability development is insufficient. Accordingly, the purpose of this research is to propose an integrated capability framework which simultane­ously treats capabilities at different organizational levels, the current force opera­tion view, and the future force development view. In addition, based on the inte­grated capability framework, we propose a quantitative methodology for prioritiza­tion of capability requirements that accounts for the correlation between operations and capabilities. It is applied to the case of air missile defense and can serve as a ba­sis for setting priorities in the development of the future Korean Air Force.