IT and Cyber Security Awareness – Raising Campaigns

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 34 (2015)


awareness, awareness-raising., campaigns, cyber security, cyber security culture, IT security, privacy


Usage of technology in Macedonia has drastically expanded over the last decade. At the same time it introduces a new risks and threats to the cyber space in the country. To react against those challenges in the country there are couple of awareness-raising campaigns, brought by government and non-government actors. However, the existing campaigns are only targeting: children, parents and teachers, and institutional level and privacy concerns, while forgetting the end-user. Mainly the approach of awareness campaigns are designed by: posters, guides, tips, websites, caravans, etc. For this reason the article briefly analyses the Macedonian IT and cyber security awareness campaigns, coupled with the background of cyber security path about IT and cyber security awareness-raising. It suggests recommendations and solutions that should be considered in order to raise awareness level to meet safer, more secure and trustworthy cyber space on all levels.