Kaleidoscopic Approach to Security Shadows in the Age of Information

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Deyan Gotchev


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 4, p.13-32 (2000)


asymmetric response, cyber-terrorism, information infrastructure vulnerability, Information warfare, psychological warfare.


Information defies constraint by unique locus or finite production, i.e. space-related laws of functional spaces would not apply to "digital" systems. Information Warfare (IW) is impossible to be prosecuted in the established terms of national and transnational architectures. It is the next stage in evolution of attitudes toward authority. Security in the age of information warfare will be characterized by operations in the obscurant boundary region between real, often incomprehensible phenomena and dominating bluff. The opponents of future battlefields will become much more on a par. In an asymmetric strategic response the "victory" is based on a very small, or fuzzy differential of talent, performance, or luck.