A Method for the Development of Cyber Security Strategies

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 34, Issue 1, p.37-55 (2016)


action plan, cyber security, cyberspace, goals, method, scope, society, strategy, vision


Cyberspace has become an intrinsic part of today’s society by creating a distinct virtual dimension in its functioning. Nations and the international community invest significant efforts to assure certain terms and responsibilities in this virtual dimension. The elaboration of national, NATO and EU cyber security strategies in a very short time received a high priority. The questions about the responsible institutions assigned in the strategies, guiding principles to follow, and the way of implementation are approached differently by different nations. The goal of this article is to propose a method that offers a more consistent approach to the development of cyber security strategies. The key research question is whether the proposed approach results in a more consistent national cyber security strategy that covers all the necessary national requirements and expectations, and thus makes it easier to harmonise with the variety of international requirements. In order to verify the proposed method, the article presents a brief overview of the results achieved in the case of the development process of Croatia’s National Cyber Security Strategy.