A New Class of Fusion Rules Based on T-Conorm and T-Norm Fuzzy Operators

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 20, p.65-82 (2006)


Combination rules, Conjunctive rule, Fuzzy operators, Information Fusion


In this paper a particular combination rule based on specified fuzzy TConorm/ T-Norm operators is proposed and analysed - TCN Rule of Combination. It does not belong to the general Weighted Operator Class. The nice features of
the new rule could be defined as: very easy to implement, satisfying the impact
of neutrality of Vacuous Belief Assignment; commutative, convergent to idempotence, reflecting majority opinion, assuring an adequate data processing in case of total conflict. Several numerical examples and comparisons with the new advanced
Proportional Conflict Redistribution Rules proposed recently by Florentin Smarandache and Jean Dezert within their theory of plausible and paradoxical reasoning
are presented.