Ontologies and Semantic Web Technologies to Support Knowledge-Based Transformation and Decision Support

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 22, p.49-63 (2007)


Architecture for Model Integration, Distributed Technical Knowledge Representation, Ontology


This article describes how semantic web technologies and here ontolo­gies in particular, can support multinational and multi-agency knowledge represen­tation. To this end, model integration and the typically associated with integration problem classes are described. Then, distributed modeling is presented from expert and standard-models perspective, as well as general clustering of common concepts is presented. This is achieved by means of inheritance as known from Object-Ori­ented Knowledge Representation Systems, used at different levels of abstraction. In addition to the integration facet, new standard languages for the definition of flexi­ble and context-dependent structures, as well as reasoning over these, are briefly introduced and examples of their application are given. As the focal point of this work a Framework for the generic Integration of Structured IT Systems (ISITS) is described, which makes possible the structural and instance integration of systems, using both syntactic as well as semantic means for integration. In conclusion, the applicability of the ISITS-Framework is outlined by enabling EBO-specific plan­ning support. This article focuses more on providing an overview. Details can be found in other publications or projects published by the authors.