Ordered DSmT and its Application to the Definition of Continuous DSm Models

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 20, p.85-103 (2006)


Boolean Algebra, Continuous DSmT, Evidence Theory, Probability


When implementing the DSmT, a difficulty may arise from the possible
huge dimension of hyperpower sets, which are indeed free structures. However,
it is possible to reduce the dimension of these structures by involving logical
constraints. In this paper, the logical constraints will be related to a predefined order
over the logical propositions. The use of such orders and their resulting logical
constraints will ensure a great reduction of the model complexity. Such results will
be applied to the definition of continuous DSm models. In particular, a simplified
description of the continuous impreciseness is considered, based on impreciseness
intervals of the sensors. From this viewpoint, it is possible to manage the contradictions
between continuous sensors in a DSmT manner, while the complexity of
the model stays handlable.