Study on the Level of Cybersecurity and the Mechanisms for Citizens' Contribution to Preventive Policies

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


DIGILIENCE 2019, Sofia, Bulgaria (2019)


cybersecurity policy private sector citizens’ contribution prevention


The report presents the outline of national project aiming to deliver analysis of Bulgaria’s bodies responsible for cyber security at the national level, the features and capabilities of the law structures in the management of cyber incidents and to elaborate and test ideas on the role of the private sector and citizens in policy-making and mechanisms for international cooperation on cyber incidents at national level. The final goal is to recommend best practices for citizens’ participation in providing cybersecurity.

The author will briefly present other projects and their involvement, including CyberSec4Europe, one of the four EU pilot projects launched to prepare the European Cybersecurity Competence Network.

This paper is included in the program of DIGILIENCE 2019 and will be published in the post-conference volume.