Wildland Fire Suppression Measures with Water Resources from Nature

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


DIGILIENCE 2019, Sofia, Bulgaria (2019)


criteria for non-flammability, physical geographic features, Wildfire


<p>Wildland fires occur and spread more often in hard-to-reach areas, quickly covering big territories due to the presence of combustible materials in the understory along with favorable meteorological conditions. The occurrence of fires is mainly due to two factors - human activities and natural phenomena. The subject of the current research paper does not focus on these factors, but on the idea of using the natural resources on fire-affected terrain. Fire suppression measures are primarily done with water and, in very rare cases, with chemicals. In these cases, the provision of sufficient sources of water in the vicinity of the burning terrain is crucial. That is why analysis of the terrain with its hydrological characteristics - the flow in time, especially in the driest months of the year, is required. This assumption is used as base and illustrated with a specific example of a geographically defined area, serving as a proof for the proposed idea.</p><p>This paper is included in the program of <a href="https://digilience.org">DIGILIENCE 2019</a> and will be published in the post-conference volume.</p>