Call for Papers: Organizing for Cybersecurity - National Case Studies

Special issue of Information & Security: An International Journal (I&S)

Editors: Prof. Sean Costigan, The New School, New York, and Prof. Todor Tagarev, IT for Security Department, Institute of ICT, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

  • Submission deadline for full text papers: 10 July 2015
  • Anticipated publication: 10 September 2015 

Developments in information and communication technologies and their increasing penetration of our professional activity and daily lives create opportunities, but also make us vulnerable. Individuals, criminal organizations and states readily utilize the advantages provided by the cyberspace to the detriment of countries and organizations that lack the requisite protection.

The I&S Editorial Board announces this Call for Papers to reflect on recent approaches undertaken by states to provide cybersecurity and identify trends and good practices.

We invite contributions of case studies analyzing:

  • Country-specific cyber threats and challenges, with examples of events impacting on thinking and policies
  • Cybersecurity policy and strategy (or respective thinking, if national-level official documents are not yet available) 
  • Cooperation and coordination at national level: Organizational arrangements at national level; procedures; doctrinal documents; training and exercises
  • International cooperation; specific national assets/advantages of potential interest to international partners.

Depending on the author's particular interests and/or the country’s actual challenges, the contribution may provide more detailed examination of arrangements for

  1. cyber defense; or
  2. cyber crime

and address respective 

  • legal regulations
  • standards (required and/or applied)
  • policies (e.g. on prevention, risk mitigation, defense, response, resilience; how the respective efforts are financed, etc.)
  • organization
  • capabilities
  • procedures for coordination
  • educational and training programs
  • research programs.

Before embarking of writing the full text, please check  with the I&S Managing Editor to make sure the respective country is not already covered.

Interested authors may submit their papers to the I&S Managing Editor in electronic form, following these instructions. For inquiries, proposals and submissions of book reviews, description of Web sites and related initiatives please addressed the I&S Managing Editor.

Important note: It is understood that submitted articles have not been published and are not currently under review for publication elsewhere. Authors must transfer copyright in writing to the publisher when an article is accepted for publication. Please check also the publisher’s copyright policy.