E-Models and Methods for Project Management in the Public Area

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 11, p.136-147 (2003)


decision support systems, Decision-making, defence acquisition, e-payment, Life cycle management, procurement


The application of scientific and/or applied methods and models at each stage of the life cycle of projects, implemented by public organisations, is an important precondition for effective, efficient and transparent management. One way to create a relevant environment is to identify appropriate methods and models for decision-making in implementing such projects. One constructive approach to defining the usefulness of a method or a model is to constitute a matrix with rows describing the kinds of project activity (stage or phase) and columns relating to a particular method or model. The authors propose implementation of software agents that suggest, either automatically or upon request, a method or model appropriate to support decision-making in each project phase. Such advanced approach improves the capabilities of decision makers to understand the impact of a particular decision, to generate options and assess alternatives, thus improving decision-making capacity and transparency of the decision making process.