The Obama Administration and Incident Response: A Report

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 34, Issue 2, p.105-120 (2016)


Barack Obama, Cybersecurity, incident response, law, legislature, NCIRP, Obama Administration, proposals


This article takes an in-depth look at the Obama Administration’s incident response plan and its utilization in regard to cyber security throughout their Presidential and Executive-Administrative terms. A focal point and outlining the tool used in the report is the National Cyber Incident Response Plan (Interim Version), released in September 2010 by the Department of Homeland Security. Contents of the response plan are analyzed through brief descriptions, government reports, supportive literature, and comparison of actual efforts conducted by the Administration that reflect sections of the plan. A brief review of legislature that could directly affect the process, assurance, or future of incident response and cyber security proposed by the Administration is included. Discussion of the current presiding President, Barack Obama, and his mannerisms in the wake of incidents, thoughts and views on the nature of the subject, actions planned as well as taken to secure the United States’ technological realm, that is the internet, from digital terrorism are micro-scoped and provide a real-time wealth of how incident response is being handled in the U.S.; the past struggles appertained and a glimpse into its architectural future. The report collectively parallels the Administration’s formulated incident response plan with their actual actions on real-life incidents in an attempt to provide present-day documentation of resolutions pertaining to incidents and cyber security in the U.S.