Research, Education, and Practice of StratCom in the Security Service of Ukraine in Interagency Settings

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 48, Issue 1, p.69-83 (2021)


countering hybrid threats, Defence Sector, nationwide coordination, security sector, single voice communication, SSU, SSU Academy, StratCom coordination, strategic communications


This article discusses how strategic communications (StratCom) were established in the security institutions of Ukraine’s scientific and practical schools. An example of good practice is the approach of the National Academy of the Security Service of Ukraine, which was among the first in the security and defence sector of the state to become a platform for the formation of the scientific and practical school on StratCom. This process was carried out based on the following principles: building a “single voice” communication with security and government institutions, scientists, civil society representatives, journalists, and volunteers; establishing a scientific and practical discourse on strategic communications based on the concepts of “national values,” “truth,” “trust”; implementation of the “say-do” approach; promoting professional legal support and linguistic expertise of the information environment; focusing on practical results of scientific and educational activities; training of personnel in the field of strategic communications capable of working effectively at the strategic, operational and tactical levels. This approach aims to ensure the systematic implementation of strategic communications both at the institutional and the state levels.