Towards Multi-National Capability Development in Cyber Defence

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 27, Issue 1, p.81-89 (2011)


CERT, correlation infrastructure, distributed sensor networks, experimentation, information sharing, NATO Computer Incident Response Capability, NCIRC, Situational awareness, validation


With NATO and the NATO Nations being heavily dependent on their communication and information systems, ensuring their proper operation is a critical task. Establishing appropriate cyber defence capabilities is a major endeavour and one which a lot of nations are currently putting increased focus on. The multi-national approach to cyber defence capability development presented in this paper is an approach to leverage the common interest nations have in this area to efficiently develop high-quality capabilities through cooperation and coordination. The paper goes on to present initial topics where the approach could be immediately leveraged, including information sharing, situational awareness, and distributed sensor collection and coordination capabilities. The paper concludes that this way forward could significantly improve our cyber defence capabilities and contribute to the overall security of the Alliance