Call for Papers: Evolving Concepts of Security

Special issue of Information & Security: An International Journal (I&S)

Guest Editors: Dr. Milos Jovanovic, The Fraunhofer Institute for Technological Trend Analysis (Fraunhofer INT) and Tim Sweijs, The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies (HCSS)

  • Submission deadline for full text papers: 10 September 2015
  • Anticipated publication: 10 November 2015 

Sixty four years after the birth of the European Coal and Steel Community, and with 28 Member States, the European Union incorporates diverse societies, rooted in different geographical situations, shaped by different historical trajectories and, and structured by different economic developments.

Commonality of interests continues to be a key driver of the European project. Yet diversity has undeniably become a core characteristic of the Union. At the EU level this poses new difficulties for establishing common security policies that address adequately both shared security challenges and varying security concerns.

A clear understanding of these concerns is vital to both effective and representative priority setting for security policies, including research and development activities in fields such as natural hazard mitigation, cyber security & privacy, crisis management, and border control.

To facilitate the development of EU security policies that meet security concerns across member states, the project “Evolving Concept of Security” (EvoCS), funded by the EU Commission in the Seventh Framework Programme, and the I&S Editorial Board announce this call to support the core objective of the EvoCS project and facilitate the discussion among the wider community of stakeholders.

This special issue of I&S will be directly relevant to security policy makers and security research and development planners at the European Commission, to national security authorities and other stakeholders.

We welcome contributions on:

  • Modelling security in innovative ways;
  • Prioritising threats to security in Europe;Legitimising security policies across Europe;
  • Comparing security perceptions and policies across European regions and beyond;
  • Addressing ethical and human rights issues in security policy-making. 

This special issue will also cover combinations of these themes, for instance: 

  • Models for assessing geographic and temporal variations in security concerns in the future; 

  • Presentations on national concepts of security, with elaboration of perceptions and specific policies;
  • Case studies to discuss regional specifics.

Interested authors may submit their papers to the I&S Managing Editor in electronic form, following these instructions. For inquiries, proposals and submissions of book reviews, description of Web sites and related initiatives please addressed the I&S Managing Editor.

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