A Governance Model of a Collaborative Networked Organization for Cybersecurity Research

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 46, Issue 1, p.79-98 (2020)


CNOs, Collaborative Networked Organisations, Cybersecurity, governance model, Science and Technology


This article presents the results of the analysis of governance and management practices of Collaborative Network Organisations (CNOs) in the Science and Technology domain. The aim is to support the process of de-signing a governance model of a cybersecurity network by identifying best governance and management practices of existing collaborative networks. The results presented in the article are based on the analysis of governance models of three relevant organisations: (1) NATO Science and Technology Organization; (2) the Gigabit European Academic Network; and (3) the European Defence Agency’s Capability Technology Groups. The common ground is that they are regarded as CNOs with a high degree of centralisation of funding streams and a high degree of centralisation of the main business and governance decisions. The method of analysis includes a literature review and desktop research. The information sources used for the analysis are official legal documents about the CNO’s governance and management, especially for potential members and customers’ engagement; organisation and expected competence level and behaviour of CNOs’ members; the charters, decisions, reports issued and approved by the central or regional governance bodies of the organisations.